Wikileaks – Where is the Espionage? Who Are The Real Hypocrites!!

I was vasillating back and forth whether I agreed to the publication of documents from Wikileaks or not,  but honestly I am becoming more committed to the releases as time goes on . Why, its because I have not yet seen or read anything that would constitute it as being treasonous. Now on the other hand I can understand why you just may want to remove the former Army Private Bradley Manning who is sitting in a military jail in Quantico from your Christmas list.  He pretty much violated the standard employee handbook by obtaining information without any authority and handing it off to Julian whether he believes it should be in the public domain or not. 

Let’s get this straight from the start, who is the real hypocrite when it comes to free speech and this is about free speech.    It might be a good idea that you actually read the documents yourselves and form your opinion instead of relying on a radio or TV personality who knows how to spin the political silk web  so you can parrot thier opinion.   I am actually enjoying reading the  summaries  of the cables when I have time and picturing the mindsite of the diplomats involved and the comic relief that I get every night when listening to the absurd reactions on the news.  I keep saying what a bunch of stupid asses.

This is the image that I have in mind that encapsulates what I feel is going on as to why there is such a negative reaction against Julian.   It kinda  cuts right into the heart  of basic human behavior when you know you’ve been manipulating the people around you for your own benefit and now your being exposed.   I don’t want to burst your bubble but you do it yourself every day of your life and every government out there has been doing it everyday and probably more intensely than what we have ever done.  I do not respect Bradley Manning because he just saved hundreds of billions of dollars of intelligence gathering that the dictators of the world who suppress even the slightest bit of freedom don’t have to spend in thier next budget.  Hell, these cables read like the National Enquirer and can give you a really good idea on personality traits and motive and the most important , how the person who sent these actually thinks.   Don’t even tell me you don’t know what I am talking about. 

For instance, picture yourself as the  individual that everyone admires, you’ve always gotten those citizenship awards in school, your active in your childs soccer league , you go to church every day (running theme I know but its just coincidence) , you donate the maximum to your favorite politician,  you enjoy going to charity benefits and dressing up for the night , you might even throw a few parties so you can network and show off your new digs (hell you’ve worked hard enough for it) .  But behind all this facade, you’ve been texting an old girl friend or flirting with one of the employees and you think nothing of it because your smart enough to hide it from your wife.  But then all of a sudden you  find out that she’s been using email blaster on your computer and reading your text messages and has been gossiping to her girlfriends on what a fucking prick you are.  Pretty embarrasing and all of sudden you feel your world is going to collapse around you because it will never be the same even though most of it is true. We’ll no shit sherlock, you have been trying to manipulating everyone around you to your benefit.  See what I mean. So whats going to be the reaction. Same as this shit.

Just embarrasing moments that shows that politicians are as two faced as anyone of us are when it comes to smiling at someone and making conversation and then going home and laying in bed and discussing how that poor bastard that you convinced to vote for your way or make a contribution and your at the same time backstabbing him all the way with your close circle of friend happy that you were able to get what you wanted. 

I do hope that  Wikileaks does make sure that they don’t give any strategic information that does endanger our troops.  We have to support our troops even if you don’t agree with the war. How many times would you have loved to have someone who would protect your back no matter, trusted you with your decisions  even if you were wrong for gods sake.  Not to get off track but 

Now I want to get this straight to anyone reading this, I am someone who really tries to understand and alway take great interest in anothers reactive response and belief . The bottom line is that I have not read, interpretted or seen anything yet that would even remotely show any espionage taking place by Julian. Show it too me.

As for the group Anonymous, they are purists and hate to have anything controlled especially the internet. Some I see are more mature than others but the majority are the next true rebels that will keep our society in check.  Too bad that we get the brunt of everything here in the United States but its the price we pay for freedom  which I might remind you is slowly eroding away.  I do not feel that they are anarchist or terrorists.  Those that are committed are smart son’s of bitches that I wish I had thier brains.   Others who are joining in have the right idea but need to remain committed.   Maybe they are but I see that Anonymous could do so much more with the wealth of passion and talent that they have  and they have remain anonymous,. They can not become structured but need to remain a vapor of force. Those that fear them will try and destroy them instead of embracing what they really do stand for.  Too bad that they can’t shut down corrupt  governments who slaughter those who oppose them, too bad they can’t shut down corrupt officials that keep food from starving families. Too bad they can’t shut down organizations and businesses that support terrorist activities.  Without them teh worst scenario will happen to control of the internet in the future. Do not condemn Anonymous. Understand them, I feel I do.  There is alot of fine tuning with them but I can’t help but admire someone who is an unselfish purist which I know the majority of them are and the rest want to be but do not have he wisdom behind them yet ,but will.

My conclusion and I know there will many individuals who are 180 degrees from this because our priorities are so different but take a breath and really analyze how this information has shown how incompetant our own government is and others are.   I dont’ want to get down on my country but we do need to get a reality check.

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